Ant Infestation Treatment in Melbourne

Ant Pest Control in Melbourne

Are you looking for professional ant removal services in Melbourne? If you're facing an ant infestation in your home, it's crucial to address the issue promptly. Ants are commonly attracted to residences in search of food and water, similar to humans' basic needs. Regardless of how clean or tidy your home is, ant infestations can occur, as your property might unintentionally serve as a refuge for these insects. This can pose significant problems for homeowners who need effective solutions for ant control. Fortunately, Pest Control Doctor specializes in pest control for ants in Melbourne, offering expert services to eliminate these pests from your home. With their expertise and specialized techniques, they can help you achieve an ant-free environment and restore peace to your household. Don't let ants disrupt your daily life—rely on the professionals at Pest Control Doctor for reliable ant pest control in Melbourne and regain control over your home.

Ants can enter your home for a variety of reasons, but they are most likely looking for food. These insects, like humans, have to eat to survive and, of course, your home represents a source of food and water, especially if it is near a colony. But having an ant-free home, unfortunately, is not always a simple solution. Most of the ant infestations are not influenced by the factor if your home is clean or dirty. Your property could simply be a shelter for ants. This can create problems for homeowners who must learn to get rid of them or leave extermination of ants in the hands of professionals like the ones Pest Control Doctor has.

Once we have assumed that the presence of ants in the home is harmful, the first step to follow is to find solutions that allow us to have an ant-free home, a fact that is difficult to achieve once these insects are already inside home, because there is little chance that they will go away on their own.

Professionals who provide ant pest control services in Melbourne have the advantage of knowing the species of ant you are dealing with. Logically, if you know your enemy, it becomes more practical to find the nest, what food sources are attracting them and what control methods will be the most effective.

Most Common Ants in Australia

Black House Ant

These ants are small and black, often found in and around homes. They are attracted to sugary foods and can establish nests indoors, creating trails in search of food. While blackhouse ants are not harmful to humans, their presence indoors can be an annoyance, especially when they invade kitchens and pantries in search of food.

Green Headed Ant

These ants are known for their distinctive greenish head and are often found in gardens and forests. These ants are commonly found in gardens, forests, and various natural habitats across Australia. They might bite if handled, causing a mild irritation similar to a mosquito bite,

Bull Ant

Bull ants are large and aggressive ants with potent stings. They can be found across Australia and are known for their impressive hunting skills. Bull ants, while not aggressive by nature, possess a potent sting that can be quite painful and, for some individuals, even cause allergic reactions. However, those who are allergic to insect stings might experience more severe reactions, such as difficulty breathing, dizziness, or even anaphylaxis, a life-threatening allergic response. It's best to avoid interacting with bull ants

Brown Ant

These ants are commonly found foraging for food in kitchens, pantries, and other areas where edible items are stored. If brown ants are causing disruption or posing hygiene risks, seeking professional pest control assistance might be necessary to manage their presence effectively.

Why Choose Pest Control Doctor for Ant Control in Melbourne?

  • We possess years of experience in controlling and removing ants.
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  • All our services are offered at an economic price.
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed.
  • All our team members are trained and certified ant controllers.
  • Our professionals make sure that your kids and pets are safe during our ant controlling process.
  • Rapid, effective and reliable service.
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Signs of Ant Infestation

Signs of Ant Infestation

When ants enter the home, they do so mainly in search of food. They are usually accessed through places such as drainage pipes from the facades, cables that go up from the interior patio, or sometimes they can arrive in newly purchased plants or pots.

Their period of activity begins in March and usually ends in November, the date on which they shelter in the anthill to spend the winter and fulfil their biological cycles.

An ant infestation is easy to detect by observing some clear signs of invasion as mentioned below. In a home where there has been an invasion, it is common to see ants inside food containers or in lines to transport food to the anthill.

  • Live ants: They will normally appear in the kitchen or areas with food, but as with almost all pests, rapid detection is essential to combat and prevent them.
  • Path trails: Using pheromones, they leave the trail to a food source. If you discover an ant trail it is a clear sign that you have an infestation.
  • Nests: Nests are small mounds of earth, which are sometimes on walls or areas that are difficult to detect.
  • Checking walls: Another clue to know if your house is infested or not is to check if and where there are small piles of dirt and cracks at the base of exterior walls.
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How to Avoid the Ants Invasion?

As it is always said, prevention is better than cure. If you have a low house, it will be much easier for you to have ants at home, although it is very easy for them to sneak into the first floors. The most effective means for ant control and removal service is to hire a cleaning, disinfection and pest control company. A company like Pest Control Doctor with experience and capabilities will be the best equipped to eliminate ants. Apart from that certain tips might help you to control the infestation of ants.

  • The first step to avoid the appearance of ants at home is to have it completely clean, hygienic and orderly. As we have said before, these insects are attracted to food scraps, bread crumbs or leftovers from soaps, colognes, and makeup products. It is recommended that all food be stored, tightly closed and away from areas where ants can appear.
  • Seal access areas for ants at home. The size of the ants allows them to enter the house in any way. It is important to seal all the holes that there may be, using a silicone sealant, glue, putty or plaster.
  • Coat the entrances to your house with repellents. It is a technique to create barriers with chemicals and powders that repel and eliminate ants before they enter the house.
  • Use masking tape. Beyond the repellents, it is interesting to line the kitchen with adhesive tape placing the sticky part upwards to ensure that these insects are trapped and cannot continue on their way. It is very useful to use the typical double-sided tape.

How are Ants Harmful to Humans?

Most ant species are innocuous to human beings but there are some species that can be as aggressive as any other predator. Their most powerful weapon is the bite, and they use it to defend themselves and hunt other insects. It may be that one does not hurt you much, but if an entire colony pounces on you, it can turn very fatal. We have listed down five very deadly ant species that you should watch out.

  • Ant Bulldog: This species of ant is known because it has the ability to inject a powerful acid called formic acid that can generate a huge burn on the skin. A very strong pain that will surely leave you marked for life. These ants live exclusively in Australia and base their survival on a sharper vision than that of other insects of their species.
  • Argentine Ants: This species is classified as one of the most aggressive one to exist in the world. It is an invasive species that colonises in most parts of the forests due to mass reproduction. Something that is possible because they have more than two queens for each anthill. These organisms are experts in killing all kinds of animals to occupy the different territories in which they may be interested. His ferocity is feared throughout the world.
  • Bullet Ant: The Bullet ant is another species that incorporates a powerful poison through its jaws. A haemolytic substance with pro-coagulant properties of which the neurotoxic action it is capable of achieving is not yet known. What is clear is that their bites produce different oedema and can even generate symptoms such as respiratory paralysis and insensitivity at the site of the poison.
  • Fire Ants: A strange species that attack in huge swarms anyone who dares to disturb them. They are capable of ending the life of large birds and mammals, as their strength receives in the joint attack. If one bites you, as long as you don't come out terrified, the rest of the colony will bite you.

What are the Steps Involved in Our Ant Removal Procedure?

At Pest Control Doctor, we use a four-step method for complete ant control and removal process. However, based on the type of ants and the condition of the infestation, we customise our course of action.

  • Scrupulous Exploration
  • Mannerly Consumers Support
  • Effective Ant Removal/ Eradication Solutions
  • Tailored Services.

A pest elimination process has different parts that pursue the main objective, which is the elimination of all the invasive ants such that they cannot return within a period of time of at least one year.

  • For this, the first thing that the professionals of the pest removal companies do is a previous inspection of the facilities. This first step has the objective of locating the possible foci of the infestation, where the nests may be and where the insects have entered the area.
  • After that, and once the severity of the infection has been determined, a specific treatment is applied for the type of pest, which includes traps, poisons or fumigation depending on the characteristics of each case.
  • The ant elimination process ends when the nest is removed, a few more traps are placed in case any remains of the pest remain, and the area is cleaned. The last of the steps is to carry out corrective measures to seal the area so that they cannot return for a long time.
  • Adding all this to periodic inspections can make the business or home completely free of insect pests forever.
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