End of Lease Pest Control Melbourne

End of lease pest control is a mandatory clause for every tenant when they vacate the property. End of lease pest control services eliminate pests from the property and ensure that the property is in a good condition when it is surrendered. A clean and pest-free property can also provide the bond money back to the tenant when they are moving elsewhere. Also, it is mandatory to be done before leasing it out to someone else. Since pests can eventually make their way into any property, this service is essential these days.

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End of lease Pest Control Near Me


  • Pests can grow and breed like anything in your home thus intending to stay there permanently. Pests are a common by product of uncleanness and dirty surroundings. If you ignore the pests in your leased property chances, are they will grow and create more problems for you as a renter.
  • Opting for end of lease pest control Melbourne services for a renter are essential to get his/her bond amount while vacating the property but also to save themselves from any possible legal troubles in future. Property-owners are authorized to take the renter to court if they find pests in the property after the property has been vacated. The landlord can also sue the renter if they fail to get end of lease pest control services done as specified in their rental agreement.
  • Conversely, if you are a property owner, then opting for end of lease pest control services Melbourne is valuable to you too. You will not get a good occupant for your property if it is full of pests and insects. The property if in such a condition would also fetch no income. Instead, it will tarnish your reputation in the market making it more difficult to rent it out.
  • Pests such as cockroaches, ants, bees, wasps, termites, borers, bed bugs, spiders and many more make their nests in homes despite maintaining cleanliness. These pests need to be exterminated if you are a renter looking to move out of the rented property. Any professional end of lease pest control includes extermination of these pests.
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Pest control team has been a reliable as well as a credible name in the pest control services industry. We have been in the business since 2003. Our hard work and the high-quality service outcomes have earned us our customers and also helped us retaining them.

  • Our end of lease pest control teams work on weekends and holidays and so we are able to provide appointments for emergency end of lease services.
  • We are a standard and certified pest control company with tailor-made solutions for every pest control issue.
  • Pest Control Doctor provides tailored end of lease services to residential as well as business property-owners.
  • Our pest control experts make use of only environmentally friendly and verified pest control products as well as procedures.
  • Our end of lease pest control services team members is highly skilled, knowledgeable, competent and certified pest control specialists.
  • Our pest control teams are patient and courteous. They help out clients with all their queries in a patient manner.


1. Is your end of lease pest control Melbourne services also available on weekends?

Yes, our end of lease pest control services is also available on weekends. We have a very reliable and devoted team working for us that is able to provide round-the-clock services.

What should I do before your end of lease pest control team arrives on my property?

You can relocate any valuable furniture, and belongings from every part of the room. Doing so would help them identify any pest infestation better and faster.

3. Are your pest control products harmful for babies or pets?

No. The pest control products that we have authorized our pest control teams to use for any pest control service are totally harmless and does not pose any danger to pets, infants, allergic individuals and pregnant women. The pest control products that we use are standard and verified to be safe by Australian authorities.

4. What are the services included in the end-of-lease cleaning service?

End of lease cleaning services generally include thorough cleaning of all the rooms including the living room, kitchen, bedrooms, washrooms. Services such as cleaning the doors, windows, flooring, walls are also done during the service. Call on +61480018996 to schedule an end of lease cleaning service for your home.


Pest control Melbourn team is the best service provider you can contact if and when you look for end of lease pest control services. We are there to provide you with reliable as well as affordable end of lease pest control services with tried and tested products and processes. Talk to our customer support on +61480018996. We work round the clock and so we can easily issue same day appointments to any clients that are in need of the same! You can have word with our team to get all the details that you need for more information on our services. We have been around since 2003 and hence gathered customer confidence.

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