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Say goodbye to pesky pests with Pest Control Doctor

Pests have become an integral part of our lives no matter which part of the world we live in. Creatures such as ants, cockroaches, rats, mice, etc., not only possess the ability to spread diseases in humans and animals but also bring much damage to property and assets. Hence, it is important to keep these pesky creatures in control so that you can have a life of peace in a healthy living environment. In the Mount Waverley region, one of the best pest control companies is the Pest Control Doctor. With our advanced pest control in Mount Waverley, we are just a phone call’s distance away. If you are living in Mount Waverley or its surrounding areas, feel free to call us at 0480018996 and get a quote for both residential and commercial pest control services in Mount Waverley.

The harmful impact of pests and the importance of pest control

Pests are disease carriers who can carry and spread various kinds of disease borne viruses. Common pests like mosquitoes can cause various kinds of health hazards such as viral fever, dengue, malaria, etc., while flies can contaminate food and water sources and can lead to a number of gastronomical problems. Uncontrolled and unchecked populations of rodents like rats, mice, etc., can cause serious diseases like rabies, plague, etc. Therefore, it is very important to keep pests under control so that you and your family are safe and secured from the risks of these health hazards.

Apart from causing health problems, pests can also damage property and generate losses. Pests can damage clothes, carpets, furniture, walls, books, etc. They can also chew electrical wirings which can lead to electrical short circuits and result in fires. To save yourself from the harmful impacts of any kind of pest infestation, it is advisable that you educate yourself with the right knowledge and information so as to know what to do when you spot a pest infestation and live a life without stress and worry.

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The disadvantages of DIY methods

In many cases, when people spot a pest infestation at their property, they opt for the DIY method. Do-it-yourself or the DIY method may seem to be a cost effective process, however, there are many disadvantages of tis method which makes it more appropriate to hire professional pest control experts in Mount Waverley.

Some of the most important disadvantages of DIY method are

  • Less effective – Do-it-yourself pest control methods are usually less effective than professional services because of the lack of knowledge and experience in exterminating pests. Pest control experts in Mount Waverley can identify the size and kind of pest infestation and tailor design their methods to achieve maximum effectiveness.
  • Can incur greater costs – While DIY methods may appear to be cheaper than hiring professional services, yet it may turn out to be a more expensive affair in the long run if there is a return of pest infestation.
  • Can cause health hazards – Most of the products and materials used in the process of pest removal are poisonous and dangerous in nature. Hence, if used without proper knowledge and guidelines, it can jeopardise the safety of your family, especially children and pets.
  • Worsen the situation – Without proper training and experience, you may make mistakes and instead of removing the pest infestation you can end up in making the matter worse by spreading the infestation and causing a greater disturbance.
  • Short term solutions – DIY methods are often temporary and short term as without experience, knowledge and skills in this subject, you cannot destroy the problem at its roots and just solve it at a surface level. This may lead to recurrence of pest infestations in the future.

Benefits of hiring professional pest control experts

Now that you know the important disadvantages of DIY methods, it is important to also learn about the various benefits of hiring professional pest control experts in Mount Waverley.

  • Definite results – often due to lack of knowledge and experience, you might wrongly identify a pest species and use a wrong product. for example, you might try to clean an ant infestation with products meant for cockroaches, etc. Professional experts can correctly identify a species and use the most appropriate solution leading to definite results.
  • Trained professionals – trained professionals understand the characteristics and behavioral patterns of the different kinds of pests and hence can design the most effective solutions.
  • Convenience – by hiring professional pest control experts, you do not have to run around spraying pest repellants around your house. A professional company like Pest Control Doctor will help you conveniently get rid of the pests in your house.
  • Efficient procedures – a professional pest control company will be much more effective and efficient in removing unwanted pests from your property. Also by using the right products and technology, they can solve the problem from its roots.
  • Safety – most of the products used in pest control are poisonous in nature and can be dangerous for the health of your family, especially babies and children. Hence, using these materials without proper knowledge and guidelines can jeopardise your safety concerns also. Professionals have access to and use verified, government approved, low-toxic and eco friendly products that ensure complete safety during the process.
  • Follow up treatments – professionals not only remove the pests from your property but also suggest preventive measures and follow up treatments to prevent further pest infestations in the future.
  • Knowledge of pest control – professional pest control experts are certified and highly trained in pest management. Hence, they can also educate you to understand your pest problems after in depth inspection and identification.
  • Save money – while DIY methods may appear to be cheaper than professional services, yet it must be noted that any wrong step can worsen your problem and incur greater expenses in solving the issues.

Pest Control Doctor, the most trusted and affordable Pest Control Solution in Mount Waverley

Safety and efficiency are perhaps the most important requirements that customers have in mind while choosing for Mount Waverley Pest Control Services. With an experience of over 30 years and serving thousands of happy and satisfied customers, we are, without a doubt, the best  and the ideal choice for you to get high quality service and peace of mind. Our Mount Waverley Pest Control Experts are highly trained, certified and experienced to tackle any kind and size of pest infestation and give you the best and most effective solution.

Some of the features that set us apart and make us one of the best pest control companies in Mount Waverley are –

  • With our Same Day Services, we provide pest control service at your premises on the very day that you call us.
  • We are the most affordable pest control services in Mount Waverley and ensure timely, reliable and effective services as per your budget and requirements.
  • We are well experienced and equipped to tackle pest control of all sizes and kinds – from residential to commercial and industrial.
  • We use different methods for different problems of different scales and kinds. Our advanced pest control services in Mount Waverley include pest removal through chemical sprays, mechanical devices and technology, fumigation, traps, nets, baits, etc.
  • In all our pest control services in Mount Waverley, we use only government approved, verified, eco-friendly and low toxic materials and chemicals to ensure one hundred percent safety for your family and pests.
  • Our Mount Waverley pest control experts, master cleaners, and technicians are well trained in spotting, identifying and removing all kinds of pest problems.
  • With the use of highly trained pest control experts and the most advanced technology, we not only guarantee high quality pest control services in Mount Waverley, but also give you a complete inspection report before and after the treatment.
  • We also educate you and suggest preventive measures so as to minimise the chances of recurring pest infestations in the future.

Tips and tricks to avoid infestations at house and workplace

Pests thrive in dark, dirty, moist and hidden corners of the house. Hence, there are a number of steps which if followed well can reduce the chances of pest infestations. Some everyday tips to avoid any kind of pest infestation are –

  • Maintain hygiene and cleanliness
  • Be careful with food. Do not keep food uncovered or food crumbles lying around. Leftover food is one of the most important sources of pests infestations.
  • Use good quality detergents, soaps and sanitisers to clean yourself and other things in the house like clothes, utensils, etc.
  • Clean your carpets, rugs, floorings, cabinets, wardrobe, etc., regularly.
  • Keep your furniture dry, clean and free from scattered food cribs and pieces that might attract pests such as ants, cockroaches, flies, etc. Clean the empty spaces between furniture and walls, etc.
  • If you have a garden, make sure to keep it clean. Also keep gardening and outdoor equipment, clothes and shoes outside only. Do not walk inside the house wearing gardening dresses and muddy gumboots.
  • Keep dustbins covered and dispose of your garbage daily.
  • Keep flying pests such as flies, mosquitoes and cockroaches away by installing meshes or screens.

Questions Frequently Asked

  1. What pest control services do you provide?
    At Pest Control Doctor, our trained experts are capable of tackling all kinds of pest problems. Some of our Mount Waverley pest control services include.

    • Residential pest control
    • Commercial pest control
    • Industrial pest control
    • Cockroach removal services
    • Bedbugs removal services
    • Rodent control services
    • Bees and wasps control
    • Spider, moth and ant control
  1. Why can I still spot a few pests after pest removal services?
    It is a common misconception that pests disappear right after the pest control treatment. In fact, it often takes a few weeks to completely eliminate the pests from our property. While you may still spot pests after the pest removal service, over time, you will find dead pests as a result of the treatment.
  2. Do you provide pre-purchase pest inspection services?
    Yes, we provide pre purchase property inspection services to help you determine if the property that you plan to buy has any history of pest infestation and if so, to what extent and what are the best possible solutions to remove them.
  3. What to do if there is a pest infestation at your house or office?
    There are different ways for pest control in Mount Waverley. Along with the simple DIY methods, there are also professional services for local pest control in Mount Waverley. Read on to know more about the difference between do-it-yourself and professional pest control; and to know and decide what kind of pests you are dealing with and what methods will suit you best.

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