Possum Removal in Melbourne

Possum Removal Melbourne

Possums are not aggressive, however, they have a tendency to eat what they can and take shelter anywhere they feel safe, even inside the roof of houses. The most common types of destruction that they can do in our home are- defecating in sheds, attics or terraces, raiding chicken coops to eat chicks and eggs, tearing insulation and conduits, dumping containers, garbage and bird feeders. They also mark their territory with scent glands and urine, which smells pungent and is not hygienic. All these transgressions become truly bothersome and that is when we can help you in possum removal and control .If you're facing a possum problem in Melbourne, it's important to seek professional assistance for possum removal. Possums can become a nuisance when they invade your property, causing damage and disturbance. Professional possum control services in Melbourne can help you address this issue effectively.

When it comes to possum removal in Melbourne, Pest Control Doctor is your go-to solution. Their professional team specializes in providing effective and humane possum control services. If you're dealing with possums invading your property and causing damage, their experts are just a phone call away.

With Pest Control Doctor's possum removal services in Melbourne, you can trust that the issue will be handled promptly and efficiently. Our skilled technicians have the knowledge and tools to safely capture and relocate possums, ensuring the well-being of both your property and the possums themselves. Whether you're facing an emergency possum situation or need assistance with dead possum removal, Pest Control Doctor is equipped to handle it all.

By calling a Pest Control Doctor for possum removal in Melbourne, you can have peace of mind knowing that experienced professionals are taking care of the problem. We understand the importance of quick action and effective solutions when it comes to dealing with possums. With our expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction, they provide reliable and thorough possum control services.

Don't let possums disrupt your peace and damage your property any longer. Contact Pest Control Doctor in Melbourne for efficient and humane possum removal services.

Trust our team to address the issue with professionalism and expertise, ensuring a possum-free environment for you to enjoy.

Typical Opossum Appearance

The opossum or common possum with scientific name Didelphis marsupialis is one of the oldest marsupials on the planet. There are fossils of this animal from more than 65 million years ago, a time when dinosaurs became extinct and mammals evolved. They prefer the humid environments of the jungle and temperate forest, but they are also found near rivers, wetlands, garbage dumps and houses. By its appearance, it may look like a rodent similar to a large mouse or rat, but it is a species of the Didelphidae family. Like kangaroos, females have a pouch or bag in the gut inside which a variable number of nipples (up to thirteen) are arranged. They have a solid body covered with hair, an elongated snout, short legs and a long and strong tail that allows them to move from branch to branch through the trees.

As a defence mechanism against predators, possums use the technique of playing dead in the face of danger from a predator. However, female opossums also produce a bad smell that they use to scare off other animals, although that also attracts males during breeding season. So, if a possum enters your premises and it feels a threat, it might release the foul smell that creates an unhygienic environment. Apart from that, they cause a lot of nuisance if they get inside. At Pest Control Doctor, we are aware of all the mischiefs and concerns they raise, hence we know how to deal with them.

Interesting Facts About Possum that You Must be Aware of:

  • Many researchers have concluded that the faeces of possum carry lethal bacteria that can cause flesh-eating ulcers.
  • It is also said that if somehow a person comes in contact with the faeces of the possum, then he might undergo long-term functional disability.
  • It is also said that if somehow a person comes in contact with the faeces of the possum, then he might undergo long-term functional disability.
  • While facing another predator, possums display their defensive behaviour by standing on their feet and baring their teeth.
  • Possums are immune to the venoms from a snake bite, bee sting, etc.
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What Does Possum Like?

  • Fruits and Leaves – Possums prefer eating soft, new plant growths of Eucalyptus and other leaves, ferns. They are fond of most of the available fruits like passion fruit, pears, apples, etc. Flowers like camellia, roses, gardenia, etc. are also possum’s personal favourites.
  • Cavities in Tress – Big cavities that are formed in the trees naturally serves as the abode for possums. Particularly the hollows that are formed in the eucalyptus trees after every hundred years are considered to be the most luxurious spot by the possums.
  • Nocturnal – Like all other nocturnal animals, possums stay inactive throughout the day but at night, they remain active and continue their forage for food.
  • Nest boxes – As tree hollows are very short in supply, so if wish to refrain the possums from settling on your roof, you can build the nest boxes. It is their second favourite spot after the tree hollows.
Possum Removal Melbourne

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What Does Possum Dislike?

  • Spiny plants – Plants with spiky outgrowths are very much disliked by possums. Plants like hakeas, banksias and grevilleas fall under that category.
  • Stinky plants – Plants with sharp smell are the least favourite of possums such as chrysanthemums, mint bushes, daisies and geraniums.
  • Bright lights – Ver bright lights keep the possums away as they hate them such as spotlights, porch lights, or party lights.
  • Manmade Traps – Traps are placed at unsuspecting places to capture possums. Once they are trapped they are relocated to another location to put an end to their invasion. But, the relocation process is very hectic, which most of the possums do not survive.

Common Brushtail Possum

Commonly Found Possum Species in Melbourne

Common Brushtail Possum:

As its name suggests, Brushtail Possums have a big, bushy tail with which they can grab a tree and move from one tree to another. The brushtail possum is a family of marsupial mammals that are very common in Australia and Latin America. They are characterized by having a dark brown fur that makes it easier for them to go unnoticed at night, a very important characteristic since they are nocturnal animals. Their favourite plant food is the tender leaves of Eucalyptus and other fresh fruits and flowers. Since possums are omnivorous, they also prey on tiny insects, moths, bird eggs, etc. Brushtail possums are loner in nature and prefer its own company except for the mating season.

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Common Ringtail Possum

Commonly Found Possum Species in Melbourne

Common Ringtail Possum:

Native to Australia, the common ringtail possum is the size of a small grey cat with white fur on the tip of its long prehensile tail, behind its eyes and on its belly. It has orange-brown tints on its tail and tips. It can be grey to dark grey in colour and has legs and belly dyed red or orange. The underside of its often coiled tail is bare, but hairy on top. Ring-tailed possums have large family groups in which a male and one or two females will share a nest, feed together for food overnight, and share parenting duties. The ringtail male is currently the only known possum that helps care for its young. The new-born will crawl into the mother's pouch, where it will receive milk for about 4 to 5 months. The young ones then leave the pouch and nurse for another 4-8 weeks riding on their parents' backs until they are fully weaned.

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Dead Possum Removal

Commonly Found Possum Species in Melbourne

Dead Possum Removal:

As per the law of conservation of animals, the killing of possums is illegal and so we always take extra precautions to not hurt the animal while retracting them from the client’s premises into the jungle. However, accidents caused by deadly traps or predator attacks, etc, may result in the early demise of the possums. After their death, to avoid the stench of possums and maintain a hygienic environment, it is best to call in for possum removal services in Melbourne.

Many experts blame it upon humans for the opossum being displaced from its habitat for different reasons, including agricultural, mining and urban expansion. Whatever be the cause, if a possum has entered your premise and has somehow died, then the immediate evacuation of the dead body of the possum is crucial because if it is left on its own to decay, the foul, rotten smell is going to last for at least 2 months. Moreover, the swarm of flies loitering around the decomposing carcass will only spread germs and diseases. So to avoid the smell and risk of disease, prompt disposal of the carcass is important.

At Pest Control Doctor, we have a certified team of experienced and trained members who will very efficiently remove the dead possum from the property. Following which they will properly sanitise the whole area to deplete the rancid smell and maintain a safe, hygienic environment. We also offer the same day emergency service to meet all your pest control requirements. All you have to do is contact us on helpline number and book an appointment with us. We provide services for 24*7 hours, staying available during holidays and weekends also. To get a free estimate on our services, call us.

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Tips to Keep Possums Away from Your Premises:

As scavengers, possums will raid your yard in search of food and shelter. To prevent the possums from taking over your property, you can try these few basic tricks:

  • Pick up any fruit dropped to the ground in your garden or birdseed from the aviary
  • Securing garbage containers with tight-fitting lids
  • Wash garbage cans often and prevent them from leaking
  • Feed your pets indoors or, if this is not possible, remove any remaining food as soon as they have finished eating
  • Avoid storing piles of firewood under which possums can find shelter.
  • Keep compost in covered containers
  • Remove any food and drink leftover after a cookout or barbecue
  • Prune trees and shrubs or any vegetation that is near your home
  • Mow the tall grass
  • Remove piles of trash or debris from your yard
  • Fencing or closing entrances to sheds, garages, basements, or chicken coops.
  • Fix any cracks in the building, vents, or other openings through which possums can gain access to your home.

Sometimes, these basic tips fail to do the intended, that is when you can hire Pest Control Doctor for the best Possum Removal Services throughout Australia.

Areas Covered by Our Professionals:

At Pest Control Doctor, we are equipped with a proficient team of expert possum catchers who successfully removes the possum from every type of premises without hurting the possum or damaging the property. We offer our services at every corner of Australia. With fast-acting and experienced staff, we offer our possum removal and control service on the same day of booking. If you hire us, we can guarantee you the best quality service at an affordable cost. Our professionals extend their services to almost all places. Some of them are:

  • Housing complex
  • Restaurants
  • Industrial places
  • Commercial places
  • School
  • Hospitals
  • Churches
  • Government places.
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