At Pest Control Doctor, we always watch out for the convenience of our clients, hence, whatever your worries or woes are, we are always there to assist you. We have tried our best to truthfully answer all your frequently asked questions below. However, if you have any other issue that is not included here, feel free to drop an email to us, and we will get back to you ASAP.

1. How can I avoid the pests infestation at my place?

Ans: Mostly, pests infiltrate a place in search of food, so if you keep your place clean of food residues and crumbs and keep all the food items tightly locked in containers, chances of pests infestation will reduce remarkably.

2. How long before I can come back inside after a pest removal treatment?

Ans: We would recommend you enter the premise only after the liquid chemicals used in the pest removal treatment has dried up. The exact time duration will be conveyed by our representatives based on the pest removal treatment adopted by them at your place.

3. How does Pest Control Doctor work to get rid of pests?

Ans: At Pest Control Doctor, we first thoroughly scrutinise the premise to locate the origin of infestation and then accordingly we map out the appropriate treatment using our eco-friendly products and then effectively eliminate all the pests and the complete threat of invasion.

4. Will the pesticide wash away if it rains the day after you sprayed my house?

Ans: The pesticides we use are very potent and so if they are applied on a dry surface and got the time to dry out, then rain cannot wash away its impact unless it is a severe case of flood.

5. What areas do you treat?

Ans: Our treatment depends on the type of pests we are dealing with. However, we always ensure that the hiding, feeding and breeding places of the pests are specifically targeted.

6. What Kind of Pest Control will I need?

Ans: It absolutely depends on the type of pests infesting your place. Therefore, before beginning our pest removal procedures, we inspect the property thoroughly to gauge the infestation status and based on that we customise the effective treatment process.

7. Do I have to leave while you carry out the treatment?

Ans: No you don’t have to leave the place while the treatment is carried out unless you have allergy or breathing issues. In that case, we would suggest you maintain a safe distance from the chemicals. Although, as a precautionary step, we would advise you to keep your kids and pets away while the pest removal process is ongoing.

8. What are the methods you use for pest control?

Ans: The core of our pest removal process is dependent on the detailed inspection that our team members carry out on the site of infestation. Based on that inspection, we determine which method to follow for the complete removal of pests from the property. A few of the common methods we employ for pest control are:

  • Spraying of chemicals (the most effective approach).
  • Mechanical removal by professionals
  • Use of nets and other catching tools.

9. What is your pest control treatment process?

Ans: The basic steps of pest control treatment are explained below:

  • Pre Pest Inspection: In this initial step, our pest control experts will examine your place thoroughly to determine the extent of the infestation. After gauging the situation, they will pick the appropriate method for pest removal.
  • Pest Treatment: After the inspection is concluded, our team of professionals will conduct an effective solution to remove all the pests from your property. The products we utilise are eco-friendly and safe for both humans and pets.
  • Post Pest Inspection: After completing the procedure, our professionals will do another pest inspection to evaluate if there is an area left to be treated.

10. Will I need to leave my building while you perform the pest control treatment?

Ans: No you don’t have to leave the place during the treatment unless you have allergy or breathing issues. In that case, we would suggest you maintain a safe distance from the chemicals. Although, as a precautionary step, we would advise you to keep your kids and pets away while the pest removal process is ongoing.

11. Should I clear my kitchen cupboards preceding your arrival?

Ans: No you need not clear your kitchen cupboards before the treatment. We only apply gel-based, eco-friendly chemicals, which does not leave any harmful effect behind. The furniture and other objects pressed to the walls or in the corners might be required to move a little, but that can be done by our professionals only, so don’t have to do a thing except call us on time.

12. Is your team specialised in commercial pest control?

Ans: Yes, all our team members are certified and specially trained professionals in the field of commercial pests removal. Our team is well-equipped with modern technology and effective chemical solutions to deal with any kind of pest infestation in commercial areas.

13. What are the charges of your pest control services?

Ans: Throughout Australia, we are renowned for our cost-efficient services. However, the exact charge of our pest control services cannot be specified because our charges vary based on the type of treatment conducted, the area to be treated and the severity of the infestation. For getting a proper estimate, give us a call.

14. Do you provide service on weekends?

Ans: Our priority has always been the convenience and satisfaction of our clients. So, we provide our services on weekends also to meet your pest control requirements as per your convenience. We have an adroit team of hard-working professionals who offer their diligent services 24*7, on weekends and holidays also.

15. What all pest control services do you provide?

Ans: We provide pest control services for all sorts of pests infesting your premises. A few of which are listed below:

  • Domestic pest control
  • Commercial pest control
  • Bed bug control
  • Cockroach control
  • Bees control
  • Wasp pest control
  • Spider control
  • Mouse control
  • Rodent removal
  • Moth control
  • Ants control

There are other related pest control services also that we provide. For more information call us or hire us by giving a call on our helpline number.

16. Do you have experienced staff?

Ans: All our staff members at Pest Control Doctor have years of experience in the pest industry. Our professionals have been approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to conduct pest removal treatments in Australia. All of them are knowledgeable and trained properly to deliver the best quality methods and services. Over the years, we have achieved 100% customer satisfaction by providing world-class services and in the future also, we look forward to continuing with the same reputation.

17. I still see pests! Why is that after the pest removal treatment?

Ans: There is a broad misconception that all the pests vanish right away after the treatment whereas, the fact is that it takes a few weeks to completely get rid of pests. Over the period of time, you will witness dead pests as a result of the treatment. The pests will come out of their hidden habitat and die within weeks after the pest removal procedure. It takes 5-7 weeks to completely eliminate the pests from your premises.

18. What actions should I take before the arrival of my pest control expert?

Ans: It would be helpful to our pest removal professionals if you could clear the ground surface and edgy areas. We would also suggest you clear the tabletops of all food items.

19. How Long Have You Been in Business?

Ans: We have been helping our clients for many years. We have over a decade of experience in the pest removal services.

20. What Types of Pest Control Products Do You Use?

Ans: We use a wide range of chemicals, products and tools based on the type of pest infestation. However, we can assure that all sort of products we utilise in our pest removal procedures are very potent yet environment-friendly. They will eliminate the pests but do not cause any threat to family members or pets.

21. Do You Provide Pre-Purchase Inspections on Homes and Other Properties?

Ans: Yes, we do provide pre-purchase inspections on homes and other properties to clearly understand the rate of infestation and its origin and based on that we offer our estimate charges.

22. If it rains on the day of treatment, will it wash away all the insecticides away?

Ans: The chemical solutions we use are very potent yet eco-friendly and so if they are applied on a dry surface and got the time to dry out, then rain cannot wash away its impact unless it is a severe case of flood.

23. What if I am not satisfied with your service?

Ans: In case, you are not completely satisfied with our treatment procedures, just let us know. We will re-conduct the whole process for you. We aim to please you with our outstanding performance. So, we will always try our level best to provide service as per your expectations.

24. Where Do You provide Pest Control Services?

Ans: We provide our pest control services throughout Australia. Be it Melbourne or any other part of Australia, just give us a call and we will be there at your aid.

25. How frequently should I have pest control treatments?

Ans: Normally, we would suggest once a year pest control to remove all hidden pests from your property. Although, if your place has a history of invasion before, we would recommend you conduct the process twice a year to avoid the repetition of the previous situation.

26. Why Choose Pest Control Doctor?

Ans: Pest Control Doctor has emerged as a leading company across Australia that provides the best pest control services at affordable costs. Our expert team members are certified and trained in all types of pest control services. For any kind of pest control service, you can rely on us and our effective methods. Apart from that, there are many other reasons to choose Pest Control Doctor and they are:

  • A trustworthy company with many years of experience.
  • Equipped with the latest technology and tools.
  • Thousands of satisfied customers all over Australia.
  • Employed with a certified and licensed pest control team.
  • No hidden or extra charges.
  • Complete removal of flying and crawling pests without harming the environment.

27. Will your company provide services in emergency cases?

Ans: Yes, our emergency will always be there to assist you. Be it anytime and anywhere in Australia, with our emergency services, you can avail our aid on the very same day of the booking.

28. Do you guarantee that the pests will not occur again?

Ans: Yes, we guarantee that there will not be any pest left after our complete pest control service is concluded. You may find some dead bugs or pests after the treatment, but that is because of the chemicals sprayed, the hidden bugs come out and then die. This will also disappear after 2-3 weeks. With the pre and post-treatment steps in our Pest Control Program, we ensure profoundly effective treatment.

29. Is it necessary to take professional help?

Ans: It is always recommended that seeking professional help is the best approach to a pest infestation situation as they are well-equipped and properly educated regarding all the pests, diseases spread by them, their controlling methods, etc. Home remedies or other DIY treatments might work for a few days but eventually, the pests gain immunity and it attacks even more severely. Therefore, we would suggest you take professional assistance for pest control.

30. Are the chemicals used in pest control treatment safe for my family and pets?

Ans: We only use superior grade eco-friendly pest control chemicals which are very potent against pests but innocuous to the family members and the environment. The health and safety of our customers are our top priority, so our experts very cautiously select the products for the treatment which are useful and safe.

31. After the service is booked, how much time will you take to execute the process?

Ans: After you hire us for pest control or removal in Melbourne, we will get back to you in 24 hours. However, if you have booked for emergency services, we will be at your doorstep within the next 24 hours.

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