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Termites come from the family of cockroaches and are equally toxic. Being ascendants of cockroaches, they feed on dead plants at any level of decomposition and on wood materials. Termites are excessively used in the making of traditional medicines and have established their importance in medical science. With the help of termites, many researchers are working on formulating sustainable energy sources to avoid fossil fuels. However, one cannot neglect the harm that they can account. The furniture in your homes can get intruded by them and get destroyed. This will lead you to borne heavy expenses every year. Being ambiguous in nature, these termites don’t come in open, thus making it tough to expose them.

Pest Control Doctor is one of the prominent names and the best termite control company. Our team of termite technicians aims to achieve complete termite elimination and control. We only use eco-friendly products for the pest treatment which are completely secure for your family well-being. The termite elimination method that we adopt is bound to eliminate all the termites in your homes.

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Termite Control Melbourne

How to detect Termites

Every type of termite has varied habits and possess a different risk to the furniture.

Headbanging – The primary identification of termites could be the quiet ticking sounds which you can hear from your walls. These are the soldier termites that bang their heads against the wall when the patrons are disturbed. They threaten the other termites with this particular sound. The noisy wood eaters eat usually the worker termites and one can hear the sound by going near to the infested wood.

Papery or hollow sounding timber – An area that is ruined by termites will sound hollow or papery. The underlying cause to this situation is because the timber inside is all eaten away by the termites.

Tunnels in the wood – Another indication of termites in your area is that the wood tunnels which are made by mud or termite droppings. These mud tunnels enable the termites to travel unseen and renders protection and shelter to them

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Type of Termites

Subterranean Termite

Subterranean Termite

Subterranean termites are the ones that eat dead wood by being intact with the soil. They are one of the deadly termites.

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Dry wood Termite

Dry wood Termite

Dry wood termites thrive in petite colonies in the interiors of furniture. These termites are believed to affect both softwood and hardwood timber.

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Damp wood Termite

Damp wood Termite

High moisture areas attract damp wood termites which eventually leads to the decaying of wood.

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Formosan Termites

Formosan Termites

Know as deadly pests, they form mud nests at the first place into the soil and then start consuming wood pieces.

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Flying Termites

Flying Termites

These are also known as swarmers or alates. They abandon their nests due to insufficient food and then build a new place.

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Pest Control Doctor Termite Inspections

If termites are bothering you and you need a pest infection, professionals from Pest Control Doctors can come to your rescue. Our experts can easily detect termites by looking for their signs in your building and know a plethora of methods to detect termites when there is a lack of evident signs. Get a professional inspection done to expose termite infestation as soon as possible to lower the threats of property damage. Our economical & licensed Termite Controller has extensive experience in carrying out an intensive termite removal programme in your homes or offices.


Standard Termite Inspection: With the help of advanced termite identification machinery & methods, we undergo termite inspection in accordance with the national standards. We have a team of trained & certified termite technicians. The usual time we take is around an hour for termite inspection considering the infrastructure. A bigger house with 3-4 bedrooms will take us around 2-3 hours. Post the pest inspection, we provide you with an elaborated report with pictures & if you have any queries, we shall make you understand the same. Our exterminators will also provide you a few tips on termite prevention.

Pre-Purchase Termite Inspection: Apart from the above services, we also offer a pre-purchase timber inspection service –look before you buy! A new property is always a big lifetime investment. Before buying a new property, it is always recommended to do a prior inspection of the areas that are prone to moisture which then become building grounds for termites. On booking us for pre-inspection, we shall give you the best termite inspection results and enable you to make the right choice. Our technicians will analyse and give the inspection report fulfilling your requirements. All the inspections are carried out by our proficient team of workers.

Termite Pest Control

Risks associated with the Termites

According to research, termite damages are more considered to be worse than other damages due to natural calamities.

When a termite family infests any wood furniture your houses, be prepared for a major loss. The money that you invested on your furniture goes for a toss.

The damages caused by termites is not likely to be included in the property owner’s insurance.

Termites also cause several diseases. Thus, they are a constant threat to the well-being of your family including the restless children.

They hamper the ambience and affect the hygiene levels of your house.

Termites are also a threat to crops as they harm them in the dry season.

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Termite Treatments Melbourne:

Termite Monitoring System: These effective stations are initiated whilst the property is facing termite infestation or to supervise any doubtful infestation in the long run. The system should be serviced every quarterly. The monitoring process helps to eliminate the existing termites, avoids further termite transmission and safeguards the property.

Termite Dusting: The main focus of this treatment is to ruin the entire termite colony. Ideally, dusting is implemented as the primary step to reduce termite activity. In order to get rid of a large part of termite infestation, dusting is the most suitable method. It is highly effective and lowers the toxicity in the environment.

Chemical Soil Treatment: This method includes the application of a chemical to the soil in the surrounding area of the foundation of the building and beneath the floors made of concrete. Our proficient team looks after your premises, creating an influential barrier without much damaging your property and the surrounding area. We use break-through technology for termite treatment.

Termite Baiting: This is an advanced & green way to have control over termites. They are the most favourable methods to eliminate termites from the interiors. We place termite bait material in the interiors of a bait station. This particular system which is installed in the building and soil provides a warning for termites which are trying to attack your home.

Termite Nest Eradication: If you are facing termite attack in your building, worry not! Our skilled technicians will vanish the termite infestation with effective techniques. We take prompt actions to get rid of the termite colony from your home.

DIY Termite Control Melbourne Methods

Do not have gardens that are just against your house

Generally, moisture becomes an easy breeding grounds for termites and gardens are just suitable for them. With wet walls, termites get easy access to your house.

Ensure zero water leakage

Water leakages are the primary cause of unwanted guests in your house. The humidity is their best friend, so, avoid moisture in any form as much as possible.

Install proper drainage and ventilation systems in the house

Common issues that arise from hot water overflow or air-conditioner pipe drained invite termites in the house. To combat such issues, it is necessary that you ensure proper air travel on the premises to keep away from moisture and humidity.

Have safe storages for timber

Goods that are placed against the wall are capable of creating problems and invite termites. This is because it becomes a bridge for the termites to get access to your place. Likewise, timber also doesn’t do good and hence it should be stacked in the outdoors on bricks, which will restrict the termites to enter into the premises. Moreover, your timber will be safe and protected.

Conscious DIY efforts

Generally, after renovating the house, homeowners forget to keep the unattended timber out and end up inviting termites into the house. By keeping the timber in the house against the walls, termites get free access to enter and ruin your property. Hence, always hire a professional person to do the refurbishing job.

How to Identify a Termite Pest Infestation?

As termites look more or less like fly ants, they are commonly mistaken by the people. Ideally, termites possess two- body segments, straight antenna and 2 sets of wings which are equal in length. On the contrary, flying ants have 3 segment body, bent antenna, and 2 sets of wings that are generally equivalent in length.

We can identify the pest existence with the help of below signs:

  • A flock of winged insects in the house or in the surrounding area
  • Termite droppings which are bubble kind structure and have fissures on wood items.
  • On tapping the wood, you hear a hollow sound.
  • Mud tunnels on exterior walls and wooden beams

What are the differences between ants and termites?

Being light in colour termites usually have a white colour and can often appear luminous. The waste section of a termite is thicker than that of an ant. When it comes to wings, flying ants and termites possess similar wings. However, termites set are both the equivalent size compared to an ant who has one set bigger than the other.

Termite Elimination Cost

Pest Control Doctor shall offer you a free quote with an explained designed plan and all the necessary information about termite elimination. With a suitable termite treatment plan that we offer, you can blindly rely on our work-process for termite eradication.

What are the Termite Prevention Methods

Monitor the yards regularly: On finding a hole on the tree trunk or timber immediately call the professionals without any second thought. Do not attempt to fight against it with your techniques as it can attract a large number of termites.

Timber should be looked after more often: If you find any defect in timber products, it is an indication of termites. When you poke with your finger- you can access the hole made by them. Concealing tape above the holes is effective if the number is less. Abandon the timber product if you come across many holes so as to prevent other stuff from getting ruined.

What are the Undergo termite inspection once a year?

An effective termite protection the system will enable you to control the spread of termites.

By complying to the said methods, you are capable of eliminating all the termites from your homes easily. On the contrary, if things are unmanageable, do not hesitate to contact a professional. Pest Control Doctor is a reliable company and can offer you service at an expedient cost.

Pest Control Doctor being a trusted Pest Control Service provider in the city has all the solutions to your termite infestation problems. Our team provides different types of pest eradication, irrespective of the level of the situation. Thus, you can reach us and contact our professional controller and we promise to offer you unconditional termite elimination service at expedient costs. On noticing any termite infestation in your house, feel free to call us.

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